Allow magic into your life with your own unique Faery Door….

  SkiingGothic studsGone to the game Tylwyth Teg (Pron. Tull-ooth tair-g) is the name in Wales for the fairy folk. They are happy, helpful and mischievous! They love to have fun and bring luck to any home which offers a door for them to pass through. Being too small to open our cumbersome doors and too polite to squeeze through a gap, they delight in having their very own door, through which they can bring you luck and magic!

Once they have moved in they show their mischievous side by moving items around, to test your memory. They love to hide the remote, the car keys or your phone and they love to keep one of your socks safe, along with spare pens.

These happy little folk come in many forms and each has an individual passion they hold dear. Invite your own Tylwyth Teg into your home by installing a personalised door of your choosing! Contact us now to add your own Celtic connection.

You could:

Choose your favourite colours – Personalise a door hanger – Add studs or hinges – Add your lucky number


These items are handmade and, as such, the delivered product may vary slightly from the images shown.

If selecting ‘Faery Door’ from the options, we will select a door at random for you.

To receive your own perfect, personalised door, please select ‘Personalised door’ and contact us with your request. Our House Wizard will endeavour to create your very own, in the way that you wish!

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