Besten Freunde

This is  portrait was commissioned by Mr George Buttuls, as a gift for his best friend. George provided me with a 6 x 4 photograph which he wished to have turned into a canvas.

I mainly used my HP-AH fine detail brush and a combination of over reduced grey acrylics. Final detailing was done by hand, using a transparent white.

George very kindly sent me the following:

“Recently I had a photograph of a ‘long time friend’ reproduced to a canvas painting, by Mr. William Dallimore / BSc. His artwork was not only amazing but the ‘resemblance’ to the photo was ‘stunning’. I highly recommend this extremely talented artist to anyone that is seeking any sort of portrait or painting. His ability to capture detail in ‘nature scenes’ is nothing short of remarkable.”

Original: $OLD

Limited Edition Canvas Print: $795

Limited Edition Paper Print: $245

Print runs are limited to 100 on Canvas and 295 on  heavy Art Paper. Each print is signed by the Artist, bill of sale and authenticity document.