Brothers webHere is another of the Christmas 2016 commissions. This pencil drawing was a challenging piece, due to the story behind it.

I was commissioned by Mr Randy De Pfyffer, of Black Thumb Landscaping ltd. here in Kamloops, to help him create a gift for his wife. Their Son, Ben, was diagnosed in late 2015 with leukemia and the family have been making many trips to the coast for treatments. Ben is being a brave boy during the treatment, and I sincerely hope he makes a return to full health very soon. After spending much time studying a face, it is very hard not to feel like you know them. I wish you all the very best, Ben and my thoughts are with the whole family.

This drawing was created on heavy, textured archival art paper, 16x 20, using graphite pencils. The finished drawing was presented in a double mat frame.