Fine Art Portrait Experience!

Introducing the Fine Art Portrait Experience!

gaby in progressA meeting in January 2016 with a wonderful Professional Photographer, Melanie Dreyer, from Kamloops, has led to a great joint collaboration. The Fine Art Portrait Experience combines the skills of both a Professional Photographer and Professional Artist, to give you both high quality memories AND a personalised, Custom work of Art. We know of no other Artist and Photographer who are working as closely as Mel and Will currently are!

You get treated like a model, with the entire focus on you, during a personal photo shoot with Melanie Dreyer of Aria Arts and Photography. After the shoot you get a wonderful tri folio* of your favourite images. Finally you get to choose one of your top images to be used in creating a one of a kind, framed, custom airbrushed portrait painting, from William Dallimore.

*Tri folio option is dependent on your choice of Experience Package.

home show2The experience packages are available in a variety of formats, from the Solo through to a fully customised shoot. They are the perfect gift for a Wedding, Engagement, Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary or any special and memorable occasion.

Packages start from $929, which includes a 30 minute shoot with Mel and a framed 11×14 Custom airbrushed painting. Contact us now to book your very own Experience! Options are available for a 45 and 60 minute shoot, the Tri-Folio and larger framed paintings up to 20×30 inches.

Package Options:home show

Solo Experience from $929. Excellent for a special Birthday or Graduation.

Shared (2 person) Experience from $1599. Excellent for an Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary.

Family Experience (based on 4 people) from $2799. A perfect way to capture a Family occasion!

About the Artists:

mel headshot
Melanie Dreyer

Mel is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)and currently serves on the PPOC-BC Regional Board of Directors as Vice Chair. Her focus is on Fine Art Portrait Photography and creates images of incredible quality. Her use of light and the quality of her images caught the eye of Will and a collaboration idea was born.

self portrait grayscale
William Dallimore

Will Has been airbrushing for over 20 years and is dedicated to creating the most highly detailed and realistic paintings possible. In using Mel’s images for reference, the amount of detail that can be included makes the final paintings shine!