Cory’s Angels Harley Davidson.

“Corys’ Angels” – Custom Harley Davidson Paint

A Full Custom Paint job for a sweet ride. I was approached in 2015 by Mr Cory Friesen to customise the front fender of his Harley. His request was to commemorate his wife getting the all clear after cancer. He has a tattoo designed by her, which he wished to have added to his front fender. The one alteration was to change the tattoo so as to look like her. The back half of the fender then had an image recreated from a photograph, again of his wife.

Cory was real happy with the front fender, that he then decided the bike needed to be a show bike, being taken to Sturgis 2016! So, in May we completed the rest of the bike customisation. His wish was to continue the angel theme, with corsets and boots. For the background we used a sweet chameleon purple and blue fade into the stock black. It sure shines when the sun hits it!

Show n Shine Award!

Before the Sturgis trip, Cory took his freshly painted bike out to a local show n shine, near Grande Cache, where it won an award. he has put a lot of work into customising his ride, with some challenges through the build. It was an honour to be a part of the project, seeing the finished bike come together sure is satisfying.

Personalised photoshoot.

On the return trip from Sturgis, Cory and Pam stopped in to Kamloops. A local photographer, Caroline Slade and I, had come up with an idea which is developing between us. Much like the Fine Art portrait experience, only with customised bikes in mind. We set up a shoot for Cory and Pam, to round off their trip. Caroline has a great eye for bike photography as she is a die hard biker herself. Huge thanks to Caroline for the excellent images, they sure make the paintwork pop!

This full custom Harley Davidson paint scheme was painted using an Iwata HP-C, HP-AH and HP-TH with Createx Wicked and Auto Air Acrylics. Finishing clearcoat is by Darryl Martinyuk of Xtreme Collision and Customs.