First Tracks

It is the dream and delight of EVERY skier, to come across a field of untouched deep snow. The feeling of looking back at your tracks, being the only ones carved through it, is one that cannot be described. Only those that have been there can relate when you tell your tale. This piece was painted on my return to the UK, after a month long stay in BC, Canada, in February 2011. It is a rare thing to get days of powder, unless you stay for a season. I was lucky to get a few days like the one portrayed and this is my tribute to them. This piece is 16″ x 24″ and is a sculpture/painting blend. A plaster and PVA base with airbrushed acrylic detailing, using my HP-C airbrush and createx water based acrylics.

I was contacted before Christmas of 2012, to ask whether I would be interested in donating some artwork to the annual Sun Peaks art display and auction, run by Mrs Liz Forster of Sotheby’s Sun Peaks. I was delighted to be involved and chose this piece as a donation. The new owner loved the piece as the title is the same as the company which they run locally! I am always happy when a piece goes to a loving new home. Congratulations!

Limited Edition Print runs are limited to 100 on Canvas and 295 on heavy Art Paper. Each limited edition print is signed by the Artist and includes an authenticity document.

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