Forward Law Entrance Logo

Forward Law Business Mural, Kamloops
Forward Law Business Mural, Kamloops

There are times when creativity can be applied in a different way. I had the popportunity to help a local firm of Lawyers, who’s clients were having difficulty in finding their offices. They approached me to see if I could help them by painting an exterior copy of their logo, to help direct their clients.

Mr Courtney Aubuchon was the lead contact for Forward Law LLP, here in Kamloops, who sent me over a copy of their logo. I created a stencil from the image, to form a base, then finished off using an airbrush and brush techniques. A steady hand is needed for lettering, made a little trickier by cool spring winds!

This project used exterior latex paints, my Iwata HP-C and Kustom TH airbrushes, finished using Mack lettering and striping brushes.

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