Gaby Airbrushed Portrait Painting
Airbrushed Portrait Painting of Gaby by Kamloops Artist Will Dallimore

In February 2016, a collaboration was formed between Melanie Dreyer of Aria Arts and Photography and WiRD Art. Having met Mel at my weekly BNI meeting I got to know her photography and passion for fine art portraiture. The incredible detail in her images and the quality of light caught my eye. We have teamed up to create a one of a kind, fine art experience and know of no other Artist and Photographer who are working so closely. By using Mel’s images as reference, the amount of detail that can be transferred to canvas as a painting is truly incredible. It has been a joy to work from such good reference as it makes the paintign process so much more fluid.

The above image was begun during the launch of our venture, at the 2016 Kamloops Home show, with further work created Live home showat the Kamloops Wine festival. It was such a pleasure to share with visitors the process for creating such a painting. The comments and people we met at each event were wonderful. To create this painting, Mel first took the reference images in her studio in Westsyde, with Gaby being the daughter of a family friend. When I first saw the image, I knew it would be perfect for a painting. After projecting the image onto the canvas, a light sketch was added with paint applied using my HP-AH fine airbrush. Final detailing was completed using fine line brushes.

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