Go Blazers!

Lets Go Blazers!
Lets Go Blazers!

Let’s go, Blazers! Let’s go! 2012 Division Champions, well on their way to the Memorial Cup! Fantastic team to watch.

I was requested to produce a piece, in conjunction with Brain Train International, which could be used as a competition prize, to be given away on the 10th March 2012. Isabelle, the driving force behind Brain Train International is the mental performance coach for the team. She is also the author of ‘101 Steps to Radiance’, for which I produced the cover illustration.

The border along the base of this painting is intended to be filled by player signatures, and the limited edition print to be presented will have originals upon it. For some reason, the role of a goaltender has always been a draw for me, last line of defence. This made the selection of layout slightly easier. After moving to Sun Peaks, the Blazers were an obvious choice of team to support, well, them and the Canucks!

This piece is painted on canvas topped board 16″ by 20″ and is airbrushed acrylic with hand finished detailing.

Limited edition print runs are limited to 100 on Canvas and 295 on Heavy Art Paper. Each limited edition print is signed by the Artist and includes the print number and a document of authenticity.

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