How its Made

Airbrushing…. what is it!?

rattle can
An Airbrush is a refined Spray Can

Here at WiRD Art, we are mad on airbrushing! All our creations are about 90% airbrushed, then finished with hand detailing using a good ‘ol paintbrush. But what is an airbrush!? In its absolute simplest form, an airbrush is a very much refined rattle spray can. Paint is sprayed onto a surface by means of either suction feed (paint is pulled up from a container) or gravity feed (paint flows down from a container). We employ both styles of airbrush, however we find that the gravity feed brushes give a higher amount detail. So, as it has been said to Will ‘Airbrushing is just spitting paint at paper!?’. Yes, thats pretty much it, an airbrush creates a very fine spray, so fine it is atomised, allowing for a huge range of spray patterns and control.

Our beginnings.

William was born into a fairly artistic family, with Aunts having taught art and pottery, a Grandfather who was a draughtsman and great grandparents who were noted for their sculpture. Will was very much into art from a young age, adding fingerprints to walls throughout the house. His first introduction to an airbrush was around 8 years old, seeing one which his mother was given as a gift. It was a simple gravity feed brush, a far cry from the high detail brushes he now owns. It was not until he was 15 that he really got a taste for what could be done with an airbrush!

Iwata hp-ah Airbrush
An Iwata HP-AH Airbrush

While on vacation in Vancouver, his older brother, Richard, gave him a 5 minute have a go at airbrushing, using his newly acquired Iwata HP-BCS, another gravity feed brush. After trying it out he was hooked and soon received his first HP-BCS as a gift from Dad. After reaching the limits of his first brush, the next step was progressing to his first gravity feed Iwata HP-C. The level of creation took a huge step up and yet he soon reached the limits of this excellent tool. Next came his current studio workhorse, the Iwata HP-AH, a superb fine detail gravity feed brush, capable of spray using only a single drop of paint! The latest addition has been the Iwata HP-TH, a sweet mini custom, trigger airbrush, a mini spray gun for larger surface coverage. Iwata has become his company of choice when selecting a new airbrush!

The Paint.

Over the years of airbrushing, will has sampled a variety of paints and always comes back to Createx Acrylics. Their versatility and easy flow help him create highly detailed images. Createx paints are suitable for many surfaces, which is perfect for Will’s varied projects. Being water based paints, they are non toxic and have no odour or chemical evaporation. The latest paints from the Createx Wicked range are incredibly versatile, being used in both Will’s canvas paintings and his Automotive projects. Once sealed, they are strong, durable and lightfast.


Will fully believes in that if you use quality ingredients and tools, the final result will also be of quality. His paintings have longevity, vibrancy and life which shines from the surface, making them jump out at you. Many have been mistaken for photography and it is not until the progression images are shown, that they are truly believed to be a painting! Quality Airbrushes and quality airbrushing paint are a necessity!