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WiRD Art Journal, a list of useful ART-icles!

Here in the WiRD Art Journal, we hope to keep you updated with current works, live painting events, exhibitions, news and information we hope you find useful. Scroll down to find a list of ART-icles we have written, from tips and tricks to finding the right frame for your painting or how to get the best from working with an artist.

On occasion, pieces are created which are to be given as a gift. In these cases the information about the piece will be pretty minimal, as we would never wish to spoil a surprise! For other pieces, we shall do our best to upload images of the progress of the piece, so long as Will remembers to photograph the stages. He has a tendency to get so involved in the image, that he forgets to pick up the camera!

How to work with an Artist

Find out how to get the most out of your commission! Unique Art, created just for you is an extra special gift. But how do you work with an Artist? It can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying, especially when the process is smooth and easy! Here are some simple steps on how to make it a wonderful experience that you will cherish forever.

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How I paint an Airbrushed Portrait.

A question which comes up many times about my airbrushed portrait painting’s is ‘How do you make it look so real!?’. Well, depending on whether the question is aimed at technique or the actual ability to paint, this can be a tricky question!

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On the Easel!

Check out the latest works still on the easel and follow along as they progress.

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Painting Care, how to look after your acrylic painting.

So, you have bought or commissioned a wonderful airbrushed painting. It is a beautiful addition to your home, adding a touch of distinction to your room. Only, now how do you keep it pristine? Acrylic painting care is easy when you know how!

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The age old debate as to ‘what is art’ rages on!

At least that is so in my own interpretation! I firmly believe in art invoking the emotions and being a cause for discussion and there are many times that some works have done this for me. After reading an article about submissions for the Turner prize, many memories were stirred up around my feeling on modern art. Find out more……

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2016 LIVE Painting at the Kamloops Home Show and Wine Festival

The Home show in March 2016 saw the first time that WiRD Art had airbrushed outside of the studio. Thank you so much for those of you who joined us at the Home Show and Wine Festival, it was an absolute pleasure to meet with so many kind people at the events.

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How to frame your painting….

Now you have purchased a fine work of Art, how do you best display it!? With the help of Kamloops based framing company, Access Picture framing, here is some great information on how to make your new painting pop!

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The Importance of good reference images.

What do you need to do your job well? What are the basic requirements needed to complete your work? One of the main factors required for anyone would be information. Without the best information, we would stumble through the process, or project, and the results would be less than perfect. Find out what great reference can do for an Artist!

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How its Made.

Here at WiRD Art, we are mad on airbrushing! All our creations are about 90% airbrushed, then finished with hand detailing using a good ‘ol paintbrush. But what is an airbrush!?

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Nominations and Awards

We are proud of our accomplishments and wish to share the news with you. We truly appreciate the support and recognition in what we do here. Thank you.

40 thoughts on “Artist Journal

  1. Wow! What a week it has been! I received some wonderful news about ‘Cory’s Angels’, the custom Harley which I was asked to provide the paint for. Its owner, Cory Friesen is taking the bike to the Sturgis Rally in August 2016. Before doing so, he unveiled is new, tricked out ride, at his local Grande Cache show n shine. He won an award for his work! I am so stoked to have been asked to provide the art for this project, it was an absolute pleasure to create. Check out the ride here;

  2. My most recent commission is now complete! During the launch weekend of the new Fine Art Experience collaboration with Melanie Dreyer, we took on a lovely client, Nimfa Valenzuela. Her idea was to use the photo shoot with her husband and their son, as an anniversary gift. During the shoot, Mel found that when Nimfa and Eddie got married, they did not have a professional photographer to shoot their wedding day. A good friend helped out and took some shots on their personal digital camera. It was one of these which they wished to have turned into a handcrafted portrait, as a celebration of their vows.

    I sat with Nimfa and worked out what it was that she wanted in a painting. We looked through the images and I selected a number which would be suitable for her wishes, which would also be suitable for the artistic element. One request as to alter the background, removing the cluttered background with a blurred nature background. It is the beauty of sitting with a client, listening to their needs and developing the image their have in their own mind, which is an absolute thrill as an artist. Delivering a fully custom painting, with your exact needs in it is unmatched in its emotional connection.

    The original images were of ok quality, yet when zoomed up close for the finer, minute detailing, much was then lost through pixellation. working with Mel and her high Dpi files makes the final image so much sharper, translating to a fine detailed image. Check out the Fine Art Portrait Experience for more information.

  3. I have won an award! I am delighted to say that I have been awarded the peoples choice award at the annual Kamloops Arts Council’s Art Exposed exhibition. I took down 2 pieces for display, a portrait of my grandfather and ‘Radiance’, a black and white corset painting, both from my own collection.

    Radiance caught the eye of many attendees and was voted for by the public.

    A huge thank you to all who attended and voted, you have may me feel very humble and thankful.

  4. 2014 has started off in tremendous fashion. I have a solo exhibition running at the sagebrush Theatre, where a range of my sculpted canvas works are on display, with the works changing over to a range of local landscape works.

  5. After a great break, having travelled to the UK, it is great to be back in the studio. Work is now completed on a couple of projects. A beautiful sign is now complete and ready to hang for ‘Style for Everyone’, a local Sun Peaks hairdresser. The other completion is the follow up to a new hunting clothing range, after I completed their company logo. I was asked to produce some Real Rock camouflage. I will have images online soon!

  6. What a challenge the exhibition at Portfolio Interiors turned out to be. I loved the work adn feel that the wall sculptures turned out beautifully. The reception the had was great and I had a lovely evening at the store.

    The creations will be on view at the store for the next month or so, stop by and take a look. All the sculpted pieces were created for the store and many have a direct link to items on view. Be it colours in a pillow or the print on a sofa.

    I had a lot of fun putting the pieces together and I hope that you like them.

  7. Wow, what a busy few months it has been, in the middle of which we move house! At last we are now settled and unpacked. It feels great to have my studio set up fully again.

    So, lots has happened. I have been published in 2 international airbrush magazines, I am writing a how to for one of them, I partook in the annual Downtown Artwalk in Kamloops through august and am now working on pieces for a new exhibition at the end of the month. It is all go again!

  8. This week has been a fantastically fulfilling one. I have had the opportunity to be involved in 2 very great causes.

    The first was in donating a piece of artwork to the Kamloops Arts Council for the 45th Anniversary silent auction, to be held on the 1st July during the annual Art in The Park event. The event will be at Riverside Park in Kamloops. The event can be viewed on facebook here, The piece to be auctioned is ‘Stacked’ one of my wall sculpture pieces and can be viewed here,

    The other event was a more local event, here in Sun Peaks, and one which I feel very close to. I had the opportunity to be involved in a local fundraiser for a phenomenal lady and long standing Sun Peaks community member. Yvonne Harasym has lived and worked in Sun Peaks for many, many years, is a great friend to all in our mountain home. It was extremely heartwarming to see the turn out to support her cause and I am delighted that I was able to donate one of my wall sculptures to help boost donations. The painting ‘On Board’ was auctioned off and the final winning bid went to Terra Dunlop. Congratulations, I am always very happy when one of my works finds a new home, especially when for a wonderful reason.

  9. I love it when the creativity flows! Work, or play, has begun on a new line of wall sculpture pieces, in preparation for an upcoming exhibition. I will be showing this line through Portfolio Interiors, a gorgeous boutique furniture store in Kamloops. The store has a huge feature wall which is used to display work by local artist’s and from September to October I have been given the opportunity to use the space.

    I am very excited about the unveiling of some new pieces as there have been some changes to the technique used. Playing around with new materials has led to having a longer working time with the sculpture stage. All in all, it has been a very good time in the studio!

    Check out the Portfolio Interiors facebook page here,

  10. Hmmm, it seems that my newest painting has scared its subject! Poor Haruki, our cat, was too petrified to enter the studio due to a large ginger Tom sitting on my easel. It took a bit of persuading, a few days of covering the piece and a re-introduction before he was back to normal. Some of the most interesting behaviour we have witnessed. In the run up to the first passes of colour, Haruki happily sat on my chair watching the process. It made colour matching pretty easy!

  11. After the joys of taking some time away from the mountain it is time to get back to work. My current piece is a larger canvas than usual, the subject being a tropical beach. When finished the canvas will be hung in the sun room of the Thomson Rivers Wellness centre. I am currently at the middle stage of the piece, adding highlights to the ocean section. If you are on Facebook you can view the current stage of the piece here

  12. Thursday was a wonderfully productive day. I met with some amazing people who are incredibly interesting, talented and have also been very helpful. First was Tiffany Christianson, a local Kamloops photographer, whose work is incredibly clean, crisp and exquisite. It is always great to meet with another creative mind and hear about their artistic endeavors!

    Next was Cindy Piva, a fantastic business coach and equally lovely lady. Having someone very knowledgeable in the world of business, to help guide me in the next stages of WiRD Art, has left me feeling very excited and blessed.

    Thank you both for such productive meetings, I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  13. A Sotheby’s Auction, fantastic! I was contacted before Christmas of 2012, to ask whether I would be interested in donating some artwork to the annual Sun Peaks art display and auction, run by Mrs Liz Forster of Sotheby’s Sun Peaks. It was held on December 20th. I was delighted to be involved and chose one of my winter snow sculpture pieces, ‘First Tracks’. The new owner loved the piece as the title is the same as the company which they run locally! I am always happy when a piece goes to a loving new home. Congratulations!

    1. Upon completion of this piece, the handing over idea has been changed. I will be holding onto this piece for my personal collection as it holds too much personal value for me. So, I have let the cat out of the bag to my Grandmother and will be producing another portrait of my Grandfather for her, this time, with a photo of her choosing.

  14. Popped into Access Picture Framing in Kamloops today. Had a great chat with the owner, Jonathan Pallet. Lovely guy. If you purchase a piece of artwork from my range and take it in for framing, he will give you a 10% discount.

    Excellent selection and professional service, Highly recommended. He has an online service where he can show you options of how your image will look, allowing you to see the frame match, to your picture, before committing to the selection.

    I have personally used the online service and Jonathan’s selections and work is first class. Check out the link in my links page.

  15. Work has begun on a new commission and is well under way. The painting is intended as a gift, so no further details will be posted until after the presentation date. I can tell you that I am quite excited about it though!

  16. So the series of wall sculptures for Mike Wiegele’s are well underway, 10 of them in total right now.

    Another piece that has begun is a black and white variation on ‘Radiance’ as a commissioned piece.

    There are a few other pieces in the pipeline, once the above sets have been completed so more details to follow!

  17. Sunday the 8th was a very good day. Izzy and I took a trip up to Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, at Blue River. After a great meeting with Kalli Cartwright, Director of Lodging and Administration, some pieces of my artwork are now on show in the boutique in the main lodge.

    By agreement, I will now be working on a further 12-15 pieces for delivery to the lodge early February. All hands on deck!

    Many, many thanks to Kalli, Michelle and Jeff for your feedback and kind words. I look forward to a great working relationship with you all.

    1. Great work! When will you post up images of your more recent stuff? Looking forward to the exhibition. Will there be images of that on your web-site too?

  18. Exhibition Date at Alpine Images, Sun Peaks is now set.

    30th December 2011

    As well as the exhibition of my work, there will be a book signing by Isabelle Hamptonstone. Her book ‘101 Short Steps to Radiance’ has been released. The book illustration for her book cover will be on display in the exhibition. A portion of the sales from her book will be donated to the Sun Peaks school.

  19. Been a pretty productive day today! Since re-locating and getting settled, I have had a whole load of images floating in my brain. Today saw a string of them applied to some lovely fresh, blank canvas. In total there are currently 7 new wall sculpture pieces in the making. Plaster has been applied, time to let it cure.

  20. October 2011: I have just completed the pin up painting. Now it is time to figure out finishing off ‘Luongo’. This piece is my tribute to the Vancouver Canucks goaltender, after their storming season of 2010/11. They had an excellent season, getting to the playoff’s and into the final. Unfortunately the didnt perform in the final and lost out to the Boston Bruins. The painting is 90% complete and just waiting on a flash of inspiration to get it done.

    Maybe a coffee would help……

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