2016 LIVE Painting events, Kamloops Home Show and Wine Festival.

LIVE Painting, sharing WiRD Art with You!

home show2016 saw a courageous step for me, in painting LIVE in front of the Kamloops Public. Thank you so much for those of you who joined us at the Home Show and Wine Festival, it was an absolute pleasure to meet with so many kind people at the events. Sharing my art in such a public way has been a wonderful experience and the words of encouragement, awe and genuine interest are very much appreciated. In all honesty, six years ago I would not have had the confidence to show you my art in such an open way, thank you so, so much for making the experience enjoyable!

The Home Show

The Home show in March 2016 saw the first time that I had airbrushed outside of my studio. Before then, the only audience had been close friends, family and the cats! The inspiration came from meeting with local professional photographer, Melanie Dreyer, in launching a new venture and Art experience. We needed a way to show what we can do, merging the talents of Artist and Photographer. By using one of Mel’s images, we brought our work out of the studio and direct to you. Seeing how a painting progresses creates much more of a connection to the subject. We even had the pleasure of Gaby, the young lady in the painting, join us at the Home Show!

During the weekend, I was approached by a wonderful lady, Judy Basso, and asked about appearing at another event. Judy organises some of the most wonderful events around the city, Such as the White on White Party, large corporate events and Kamloops Art Gallery Fundraisers. She invited me to be a part of the Art Gallery Wine Festival, as one of two Artists at the tasting evening.

The Kamloops Wine Festival Tasting Eveninggaby in progress

Due to a pressing Harley Davidson custom paint job, the portrait was set on the easel for a short while. The Wine Festival evening allowed me another opportunity to work on the painting and show its development. It is always amazing to me to see the reactions when guests discover that it is in fact all painted. The comments from the evening were both inspiring and heart warming.

‘Gaby’ is now complete and I wished to keep you updated on how it turned out! The amount of detail in the reference image allowed for such a fine finished painting. What do you think?

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