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The Valnzeuela's wedding
The Valenzuela’s

My most recent commission is now complete! During the launch weekend of the new Fine Art Experience collaboration with Melanie Dreyer, we took on a lovely client, Nimfa Valenzuela. Her idea was to use the photo shoot with her husband and their son, as an anniversary gift. During the shoot, Mel found that when Nimfa and Eddie got married, they did not have a professional photographer to shoot their wedding day. A good friend helped out and took some shots on their personal digital camera. It was one of these which they wished to have turned into a handcrafted portrait, as a celebration of their vows.

I sat with Nimfa and worked out what it was that she wanted in a painting. We looked through the images and I selected a number which would be suitable for her wishes, which would also be suitable for the artistic element. One request as to alter the background, removing the cluttered background with a blurred nature background. It is the beauty of sitting with a client, listening to their needs and developing the image their have in their own mind, which is an absolute thrill as an artist. Delivering a fully custom painting, with your exact needs in it is unmatched in its emotional connection.

The original images were of ok quality, yet when zoomed up close for the finer, minute detailing, much was then lost through pixellation. working with Mel and her high Dpi files makes the final image so much sharper, translating to a fine detailed image. Check out the Fine Art Portrait Experience for more information.

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