Spin Cylce Sunset

Spin Ccle Sunset
Spin Ccle Sunset

Sun Peaks has some incredible sunsets. For as long as I can remeber I have been mesmerised by the glow of a sunset, and so love the range of skies that living in the mountains can produce. Often the mountain is in shade through the day, then the clouds light up as the sun dips towards the horizon, casting a wonderful glow on the clouds above. I caught this wonderful view from the center of Sun Peaks, while wandering home. The view is towards Mount Morrissey with the ski runs Delta’s return on the left and Spin Cycle to the right. Spin Cycle has to be one of my favourite runs on the mountain.

This painting measure 20 x 40 inches and is airbrushed acrylic on canvas.

Limited edition print runs are limited to 100 on Canvas and 295 on Heavy Art Paper. Each limited edition print is signed by the Artist and includes the print number and a document of authenticity.


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