Stillness Speaks, Sun Peaks

Stillness speaks Sun Peaks webI enjoy the process of every one of my creations, yet this one really spoke to the hearts of both me and Izz. So much so that Izz didn’t want to let it go! This piece was commissioned by Kristen Briede, as a gift for a friend, after they spent some time here in the village. Kristen, it was an honour to create and paint for you.

I had a ton of fun getting the reference shots from the Top of the World, here in Sun Peaks and many thanks to all who helped by sending me your own favourite images of the mountain. The view is looking out towards Gil’s area of the resort from the top of the Burfield lift line. I took a number of photos early season, before the snows arrived, then many more once the mountain was snow capped. It is such a pleasure to be on top of the world, looking out to Dunn peak in the distance.

This painting is 24 x 48 inches on canvas, painted with airbrushed acrylics and finished with hand detailing.

Limited edition print runs are limited to 100 on Canvas and 295 on Heavy Art Paper. Each limited edition print is signed by the Artist and includes the print number and a document of authenticity.