Testimonials for WiRD Art

I am blown away by the incredible comments I receive from past clients. I truly appreciate the opportunity to paint for you and thank each of you for the wonderful words you have sent me.


“If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then there aren’t enough words to describe how meaningful Will’s two creations are to our family. I love that my 4-year-old son is proud to show his picture to our friends that visit. The two creations bring out a beaming source of pride for my wife and I as they capture more than just a snapshot in time but an era in our family’s path and that’s worth more than gold. I cannot thank Will enough on how he was able to wonderfully elicit amazing memories, feelings and stories all in a piece of art.  And to cap it all off, you find yourself competing with Will on who is more appreciative at the opportunity the art has brought. Thank you Will!”

Ryan Gentile, Big Boot Inn Shoe Store, Kamloops, BC.


“Will is a true artist in every sense of the word. Recently I contacted Will to have a portrait of my 10 month old twin daughters done for my wife’s birthday. With a couple simple text messages of pictures to Will’s iPhone he was able to create something far beyond what I was expecting. The depth and textures he was able to capture was nothing short of amazing. Looking into their eyes you can feel their happiness and innocence. Not to mention the emotion that radiates through the entire piece. I had seen examples of Will’s work in the past and until I saw my own children on his once blank canvas I had no idea how much passion he really puts into his work.

Of course, once the work is done, the journey is not over. I have been with my wife for over 20 years and have given her many gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and the like. The gift Will created for us not only left me fighting the tears, but was the first time I have seen my wife speechless. I have shown this piece to everyone that comes into my house and everyone has the same reaction. “Is that a painting?” Then they almost feel the need to touch it to make sure. That is definitely a sign of Will’s pure talent and dedication to his clients.

Will is truly a master of his craft and I would recommend him to anyone looking for that extra special gift for an occasion you want to remember forever.”

Richard Walker, Family Glass, Kamloops, BC


“Words do not do justice to how well William captured the essence of my wife in a recent painting that I commissioned him to create. I provided a 23-year-old passport photo of Kim that I’d carried in my wallet since I met her. It was too worn to continue living in my wallet any longer, and I wanted desperately to prevent the loss of that moment in time.
From that tattered photo, William brought Kim’s image to life. I presented my wife with the painting as a gift, after she completed a long and arduous journey in adult education. Kim was moved to tears, which is not an easy task. The painting was worth every penny and then some.
Thanks Will for the attention to detail and the excellent service. You are top notch.”

Vic Beisel, Protec, Kamloops BC.


“I just wanna say how incredibly happy I am with the art work Will has done for me. Will is an awesome artist and creator, he made the vision in my head come alive on my Harley. Starting with the front fender, a tribute to my wife, who had cancer and won, capturing her true identity in the pictures he did. Then my fuel tank and back fender, again my vision brought to life by his talented hand and eye. “Cory’s Angels” is awesome art work. I can’t thank Will enough for what he created for me & my ride.

Will is awesome to work with, understands what you need and want done. He’s compassionate about his work and is perfect with every line and paint brush stroke. Thank you Will for the incredible work and art that you do. My gratitude and appreciation is given to you.”

Cory Friesen, Grande Cache, AB.


“Recently I had a photograph of a ‘long time friend’ reproduced to a canvas painting, by Mr. William Dallimore / BSc. His artwork was not only amazing but the ‘resemblance’ to the photo was ‘stunning’. I highly recommend this extremely talented artist to anyone that is seeking any sort of portrait or painting. His ability to capture detail in ‘nature scenes’ is nothing short of remarkable.”

Officer George Buttuls, Kamloops RCMP