The Artist

Kamloops Artist, William Dallimore
Kamloops Artist, William Dallimore

Kamloops Artist, William Dallimore

Kamloops Artist, William Dallimore, was born and grew up in the beautiful area of Gower, South Wales, UK, into a family of artists, engineers and philosophers. From an early age his artistic abilities were encouraged, with the exception of his crayon murals, lovingly designed for his parents, on the walls of their home.

“I paint purely for the joy of painting; it is my meditation, calming my mind so I can see the beauty in a subject.”

Over the past 17 years William has been drawn more to the exquisite detail that can be created using an airbrush. Will enjoys the freedom of trying out new ideas on many surfaces; from canvas to walls to vehicles to just about any paintable object! Having followed his art passion through University he was introduced to the airbrush by his elder brother Richard, a wonderful graphic artist. Much experimentation and self-tuition followed, complementing his formal tuition which focused on traditional methods of painting and sculpture. The introduction of the airbrush was an instant hit with Will.

His academic, artistic journey began in earnest through his teenage years. Joining the artistic and engineering aspects of his genetics, William enrolled on a Bachelor of Special Effects degree in London, graduating in 2004. His main passions were in hands-on techniques of sculpture, prosthetics, and animatronics. This gave rise to him becoming an operator for a National TV program.

William is an environmentalist at heart.  His connection to nature shines through not only the sports he practices; snow sports, surfing and Ki-Aikido but also the areas in which he has lived; stunning South Wales and captivating Canada. Evenings spent watching the beauty of a sunset and nights under the stars have given him a real appreciation of outdoor life and nature; the natural world floods him with wonder and excitement.

“I love the feeling I get when I look upon a majestic landscape or the radiance, power and character in a person. I just love to paint their hidden angel”

His painting style is very much in the realism vein, most works being on canvas using acrylics with the aim of creating a painting as close to photographic as possible. More recently Will has incorporated a form of sculpture into some pieces, creating more texture. Imagine 3D ski-tracks cutting through a wild winter landscape or 3D waves breaking on a south-seas shoreline.

Since his move to Sun Peaks, BC in 2011, his art has been displayed at Alpine Images, a Sun Peaks gallery and at Mike Wiegele’s exclusive Albreda lodge at the Heli Skiing base in Blue River,, The Sagebrush Theatre in Kamloops and won the peoples choice award at the 2014 Art Exposed exhibition, run by the Kamloops Arts Council. In December 2012 William’s work was displayed at the Sotheby’s Sun Peaks annual art auction and at the Kamloops Art in the Park event in 2013.

Artist Statement


  1. Out of a desire, necessity and love to create and use my hands
  2. To experiment with creative imagery
  3. To challenge myself to replicate as closely as possible
  4. As a release of energy
  5. For meditation and peace of mind

Why this burning urge to use my hands and create? It has been the case ever since first dipping my hands into a pot of paint as a child. Whether through paint, sculpture, writing, cooking or brewing beer, the need to be able to do or make something myself has been a driving factor. The process of creation is as much an educational journey as an outpouring of internal energy and a personal meditation. When unable to create, my mood is affected and I begin to feel stagnant and stifled.

I am an airbrush artist and the challenge I have set for myself is that of close visual replication, always working to incorporate ever finer lines and details. As a result of this, Photo Realism has held a fascination for me since first picking up a pencil or brush. My goal is to create paintings which are as close to photographic as possible.

The majority of my portfolio is airbrushed acrylic on canvas. The current range of airbrushes in my array allows me to spray with such fine detail and blend superb fades from one colour into another. Finer details are finished by hand using a good old fine line paint brush.