The Eh! Team – Iron Butt skid lid

Iron Butt Motorbike Endurance Race
Iron Butt Motorbike Endurance Race

Wow, was this helmet ever technical! A superb Nolan N-104 flip visor with internal sun shade. The process for dismantling this helmet before paint was a test of patience and technical ability. There were so many movable parts, hinges, vents and cables that it took half  a day to get it documented and the process reverse engineered. It was worth it though, as the finished product worked out brilliantly.

The client, Mr Rod Schween, has been apart of the Iron Butt bike race through the States and is taking part again in 2014. The race involves a route through virtually every US state, with points given for landmarks visited and checkpoints hit. As a proud Canadian, Rod wanted a helmet that would reflect his origins and country. The visor has lumber jack print background with The EH! team and Iron Butt across the chin, a marbled maple leaf over the forehead with a northern lights vista on the back of the helmet.

PPG custom mixed white base with Createx Auto Air acrylics used for the detailing. 1 shot lettering enamel for the pinstriping with a final clearcoat of PPG Omni.

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